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Install our recomended apps on your Android/iOS smartphone or share your AppWall link to your friends, on social media or even your blog.

For each successfully installed app, you will earn 100 points that can be used on the gift rewards page.

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Earn a different ammount of points for each completed offer. These offers are suited to your location and can be completed from your desktop PC.


Earn points just by spreading the word through forums, social media, blogs, youtube or through mail.
You can earn up to 1 point per click.

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The most loved money transferring platform. Use PayPal™ to receive your instant $50 prize.

12 installs


Digital currency bound to take over the world. Get installs and win 0.1 BTC to any wallet.

15 installs


We all love games and any gamer loves Steam. Spend your installs and win a free $50 Steam gift card.

10 installs


For the shopper in you, win a $100 gift card for the biggest online retailer, Amazon.

20 installs


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No investment required whatsoever. The rewards are gladly paid by our advertisers.


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